Lost Bets Productions is seeking models/actresses to appear in a series of video productions and interactive computer games. All models must be female, attractive, at least 18 years of age, and willing to perform nude.


Our focus is on the theme of stripping games. Our productions involve nudity and sexual themes, but no sex. We have two different kinds of production:

1. Videos

These involve two or more women playing a stripping game against each other. These are typically completely unscripted productions, and the games are genuine. The winner wins, while the loser gets naked. You can view an example of this kind of production here. Please note that if you are interested in appearing in this sort of production, it would be most helpful if you could apply in groups of two or more -- that is, if you could bring along a friend to play with. Our experience had been that not only can it be difficult to get two models to come to the same place at the same time, but that models tend to perform better with people they know.

2. Interactive Games

These are computer games, where the player will be competing against the model, with the model stripping when the player wins. These productions are scripted to a greater or lesser extent and require some acting ability. Skills with ad-libbing/improv are also helpful. The model will have to perform each possible video clip that may be played during the course of a game, and as such these shoots have a tendency to get a bit repetitive. You can view an example of this type of shoot here. The finished product can be viewed here.


We are just getting started. We plan to build a successful business, but for now, our budget is relatively small. We have made the decision to conserve our limited resources by cheaping out on venues and equipment but not on models. Compensation depends on experience and "limits" (see below) but is generous. Our models are well-paid. The tradeoff is that shoots will (for now) take place in residences, hotels, or other private venues, and are largely (for now) done with consumer-grade equipment. Our models are also expected (for now) to provide their own wardrobe and makeup.

You will receive a highly competitive base hourly rate for your time, and bonuses for performance. Furthermore, it's our goal to build a good solid list of models we can call upon for future productions, so good performance will lead to future offers for work.


Our games (both interactive and noninteractive) have "forfeits" -- penalties that the loser must perform. These forfeits could range from the mildly titillating (do a slow twirl in front of the camera) to the overtly sexual (open your legs and let the camera get a good look) to the downright pornographic (use your imagination.) It is very important to us that our models feel comfortable with the actions they are asked to perform, and we absolutely will not ask you to do anything you're uncomfortable doing. We do ask that you tell us, in as much detail as possible, what your limits are so we do not cast you in a role that exceeds them. And, of course, we are willing to pay more for higher levels of performance.


If you are interested in working for us, please send an email to models@lostbets.com containing a current photograph and your answers to the following questionnaire. (The photograph need not show nudity, but it couldn't hurt.)

  1. What is your name?
  2. How old are you? (must be over 18)
  3. What is your preferred method of contact? (email address is sufficient, telephone number preferred.)
  4. What previous modeling experience do you have? (inexperience will not disqualify you, but experienced candidates will receive higher compensation.)
  5. What previous acting experience do you have? (see previous)
  6. When are you available? (list days/times when you would be most likely to be available for a shoot)
  7. Please describe any tattoos, piercings, or other body modifications you have.
  8. What are your limits? (in as much detail as possible, describe what you would not be comfortable doing in front of a camera.)
  9. Which type of production are you interested in? (videos, interactive games, or both)

Thank you for your interest in Lost Bets Productions. We look forward to working with you.